Morning mysore-style practice with Pranidhi is held from 7:30-10:30am, Monday through Friday. On most days, doors will be open well before 7:30. Regular students who need to start their practice early because of work or family commitments are welcome to do so. Please check the real-time calendar to confirm what time doors will be opening each day and let Pranidhi know if you plan to arrive before 7:30. Friday morning mysore practice will be accompanied by devotional music from various traditions.

The shala will be open for self-practice from 5:30-7pm on weekdays. Nina will teach led primary two days per month, usually on the second and fourth Fridays.  


The shala will be open for self-practice on most Saturdays from 8-10am. There will not be a teacher present. This time is offered so that students who find it more accessible to practice on the weekends have an opportunity to do so. 


The first Sunday of each month will be led primary, followed by an exploration of topics including pranayama, chanting, meditation, philosophy, and practical applications, with an opportunity for students to ask questions and for us all to engage in discussion. Engagement of this kind is designed to help us integrate the lessons of yoga into our lives. Class will meet from 9-11am and signing up beforehand is encouraged.

On the remaining Sundays of each month, mysore-style practice will be held from 9-11am, with doors opening earlier.

Moon Days

In the ashtanga yoga tradition, we take rest from asana practice on new and full moon days. This helps us align with the rhythm of the natural world, and gives our bodies an additional day to recover and restore. Many people have written on the subject. Here are two of our favorites:

Moon days can be found on the real-time calendar.