Mondays – Thursdays

As we transition back into our physical space after a year of being closed, we will open for mysore-style self-practice for two shifts Monday – Thursday- 7:30-9am and 9:15-10:45am. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I will adjust during the first shift and practice with the second shift. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will practice with the first shift and adjust during the second shift. At this time, we are limited to 5 students per shift. Signing up beforehand is encouraged. Students with an established practice are welcome to drop in. Please check the real-time calendar and contact Pranidhi beforehand for the sign up sheet. 


We will continue to hold a virtual led class each Friday at 8am via our Zoom room. Depending on the week, class could be primary, intermediate, some combination of both, or third series exploration. Modifications are always offered and all are welcome to attend. Contact Pranidhi for the Zoom link. 

Moon Days

In the ashtanga yoga tradition, we take rest from asana practice on new and full moon days. This helps us align with the rhythm of the natural world, and gives our bodies an additional day to recover and restore. Moon days can be found on the real-time calendar.