Why I teach:

I teach to share the love I have for ashtanga yoga and for all students who follow this path. I aim to cultivate, for myself and for my students, a sense of balance on and off the mat- simultaneous strength and surrender. My goal is to inspire students to build a regular practice, for committing to a practice is the surest way I’ve found to live an authentic, compassionate life.

My teachers:

I met Manju Jois early on in my yoga journey and it is with his blessing that I teach. I’ve practiced with Sharath Jois at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India and have also spent time practicing with Nancy Gilgoff, soaking in the Maui magic. Jodi Blumstein and Jorgen Christiansson have been my teachers in Los Angeles. My daughter, Tavishi, teaches me most of all.

To learn more about me and my work, please visit my personal website.