The mission of Yoga Shala West is to build and sustain a community of dedicated practitioners, and to instill in us all a love for the practice and for each other. This requires a fundamental shift in how we view practice fees. The practice of yoga is essentially priceless, but there are costs involved in holding a space for us to come together. Student fees help us recoup our operating costs, including rent, utilities, insurance, taxes, supplies, and maintenance. At YSW, each student is not paying for his or her own practice. Rather, all students are contributing what they can to the community so that all of us may thrive in practice. The fee structure is set up in a flexible manner. In this way, we are moving from ‘transaction to trust.’ We trust that the shala will be sustained by each student’s honesty in what they can contribute, and our collective integrity. Please assess how much you can comfortably contribute and choose a monthly fee between $100 and $200. For convenience, we’ve broken down this spectrum into $25 increments in our online store. Our intention is to upset the transactional nature of contemporary yoga culture. We encourage our students to think not about getting the best deal, but about allocating capital in a way that aligns with their core values.

If you are interested in becoming a dedicated practitioner and your financial situation allows you to contribute less than $100/month, please contact Pranidhi and we will happily work out a customized monthly contribution. All students are welcome, regardless of financial resources. Conversely, if you are experiencing financial abundance and would like to support the shala more, please contact Pranidhi as well. Higher contributions allow us to continue offering yoga teachings in a manner that is accessible to all, to hold community-building and practice-deepening events without financial barriers, and to compensate our teachers for the effort and energy they bring to the shala.

Students brand new to ashtanga yoga are required to make a two week commitment. These first two weeks are offered as a gift. Please visit the FAQ page to learn how to begin.

The following suggested rates apply to visiting students and local students who are not able to commit to practicing at the shala regularly. Please note that only students who already have an established ashtanga yoga practice are able to drop in to the shala.

$150 for 10 classes

$20 for a single class

Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted. Please take care of your payments at the shala before you begin your practice, or through our online store.